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Hello! I have posted a new episode of the Melody Crochet Podcast and yay!! What a wonderful week.
The links are all down before if you had questions about the video. But, first…pictures and the story.

Oh! heres the video:

So, I started the week in Joanns when the Mother In Law texted me that she needs a blanket for Wynter.
Usually, she is a fabulous speller…turns out Wynter is our 2-year-old niece.

I know…how could you not know that, Melody…well the husband has a really big family. 
So, I got to work! Pictures? I don’t have any. If you want to see the blanket you will have to watch the podcast this week. I am not a teaser…I threw it in the mail right after I filmed the podcast and took zero pictures. I hope they send some of her with the blanket. *fingers crossed* It was made of Caron Simply Soft. Two skeins of white and one skein of lavender. I used a J hook and there will be a tutorial. It is almost complete…except for the pictures. I laugh so I don’t cry. 

So, I left to visit this mother in law this week in Arizona! We took a middle of the night flight out of Dallas. It was Izzy’s first flight! (hence, the pictures). It was a bit bumpy and very late. But, he was so very excited. And he had a fabulous time. The ear-popping he could have done without. But, we chewed gum. I am very excited to continue wandering now. I have been very settled in and against travel since we moved to Texas. I was just tired of packing and all the unknowns that go along with moving around. So, I really just nested. But, traveling is definitely closer to my nature. And I am excited!

We arrived two hours later to some seriously hot weather. Texas is not hot compared to Arizona. And there were cacti everywhere!!
It was amazing!! They had them in front of houses, stores and churches. Everywhere! 

The next day I snuck off to visit some local yarn stores. I made it two Tempe Yarn & Fiber. The store and products were stunning but nothing I couldn’t find at home. So, I left to go to the next store…but it was closed! No store. So sad!! I did get a video of wandering around Tempe Yarn, though! Its at the end of the podcast.
That night we went to our first baseball game in forever! Super exciting. My lovely sister in law sprung for a suite. A catered suite! The Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers at the very end. It was a really exciting game (for baseball) and the BBQ was fabulous!!

Crochet and Baseball! Loving my Sockyarn Hat in Hedgehog Fibers in Pinky Swear.

The next morning we made our way out for a hike with Izzy and his cousin! We needed to be out there early because it hits triple digits at around 10:00 am. 



This is how I hike.

It was a fabulous hike at Lost Dutchman Park! Then when the heat started climbing we made our way out of the park to find some breakfast. That is when we found the Goldfield Ghost Town. The boys had amazing cinnamon rolls and we had breakfast burritos and coffee! Yay!!

It was fabulous. After breakfast we got everyone we ever met a souvenier and headed back to the house to spend time with the family and cool off.

I made a dishcloth that afternoon! I left them on the counter when we left for mom to find. 🙂
Sugar ‘n Cream in Sunrise Ombre

Dishcloths in Sunrise Ombre

On our way around town we tried Culver’s for the first time. My son had butter fried pretzels in cheese sauce. He loves the lax rules of vacationing. LOL They were really yum. Never again.

Finally, we were off to the airport in the middle of the night (our flight was somehow connected with a plain that was affected by Hurricane Dorian preparation…so, it was pushed back to 2:00 am). We were an airplane full of messy and exhausted people. But, we arrived home to hugs and that day I found my roses blooming and the sunset was incredible. So nice to be home!

Show Notes!

Lets Connect! I would love to see everything that you make!!!


Crochet Filet Baby Name Blanket. Pattern by me. In progress for the blog. I shipped it away without taking pictures so I will be making another this week. LOL

Works In Progress

Sock Head Hat – Malabrigo Sock Yarn – Indonesia Colorway Size 3 Knitters Pride Zings.

Polle Vie Wrap 
I Love This Yarn Hobby Lobby in Abergine, Ocean, Antique Teal and Blush Sparkle
Size N Boye Crochet Hook –
Pattern is in Simply Crochet #84

What Have I Done

My Favorite Yarny Things (often mentioned in my videos):

My favorite Crochet Hooks:
My favorite Knitting Needles:
My favorite Yarn Needles:

My favorite Scissors:

My favorite Stitch Markers:
My favorite Pattern Holder:
Pattern Tape:
My favorite Project Bag:
My favorite Crochet Light:
My favorite portable Neck Light:
Pom Pom Maker:

This week

I will be working on my two shawls, logging my stash and making plans to annihilate it with my crochet hook! *game face*

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