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Well. I tried WordPress and it proved to be too daunting for me to be consistent. So, I am back home on Blogger. It does feel like home. You didn’t miss anything blogged…I posted here if I posted there just in case. But, life happened! I will catch you up next post with pictures.

But, now that things are mellow…back to the hook! Today, I am posting a video. It’s down below if you want to skip ahead to it.

I take you step-by-step through my super easy, incredibly fast, beginner pattern for a soap saver pattern. I call them “Sudsy Buddy”! I know. My puns are a little painful for some. But, I mean well. This pattern is fast, easy and takes hardly any yarn. Literally, I can get two of these and two small matching cloths out of one ball of Sugar and Cream cotton. Yes, cotton! Fabulous for summertime when you do not want to be under a bunch of acrylic crocheted fabric.

Soap savers are a classic for gifting or keeping for yourself! If you want to be prepared for that surprise gifter that shows up out of nowhere with a gift in hand, just pop a bar of pleasant-smelling soap into a soap saver and tuck it into a dollar store coffee mug. Keep that with a blank gift card in your car during the holiday season. Just in case.

I make these in bulk this time of year. (It’s August…I’m in Texas).

Pleeeease, leave a comment and let me know how this pattern/tute turns out for you. And use @melodycrochet and/or #sudsybuddysoapsaver so that I can see what you make from the pattern!! As always, I truly hope that I can help inspire you. If you have a friend that wants to learn to crochet…send them to this pattern.


1 Ball of worsted weight/size 4 yarn cotton yarn. (1 ball of Lily Sugar and Cream, Peaches and Cream or any
other “dishcloth cotton”. It will only take about 50 yards so this is a great scrap project.) 

Sudsy Buddy (Soap Saver)

By MelodyCrochet copywritten 2019 – Enjoy! (and by enjoy I mean share on social media
and tag me because I love to see what you guys make!!)

It’s too hot to be underneath anything other than cotton here in Texas! So join me in preparation
of the end of the year holiday hustle. These make great hostess gifts, last-minute gifts, coworker
gifts…keep one in the car during the holiday season. You just never know when a gift-giving
opportunity is going to pop out of the bushes at you mid-December. So awkward to be
empty-handed. Check out the video for presentation ideas!

Finished Size:  2 ½ inches wide by 4 ½ inches tall (6 x 11 cm)

Stitch Legend
Ch – Chain
SS- Slip Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
FO – Fasten Off
YO – Yarn Over



Chain 11                    
1) SC in the 2nd Ch from your hook and in the next 8 stitches. In the last stitch of the
row sc 3 times, turn work to continue down the other side of the chain.  Sc in the next
8 stitches. Sc 2 times in the same stitch as the first SC of the row. SS into the first SC
of the row and CH 1 (22)
2) Sc around, SS into the first SC of the row and CH 1  (22) 
3) Repeat Row 2 (22) 
4) Sc around, SS into the first SC of the row and CH 2  (22)
5) Skip one stitch, SC in the next stitch. Ch 1, skip a stitch, SC across.  The last SC will
be in the same stitch as your C1 at the beginning of the row. (11 SC + 11 Ch Spaces )

No SS, ch1 until row 16!

6-15)  Ch1, SC into the next Ch Space. Repeat across. (11 SC + 11 Ch Spaces )

At the end of row 15 SS into the top of the first SC of the row, CH 1
16) SC into the same stitch that you just SS into. SC into the next CH space. SC into
each SC and CH space across. SS into the first SC of the row, Ch 1 (22)
17) SC into each stitch across. SS into the first SC of the row, CH 1. (22)
18) SC into the next 5 stitches, SC+Ch3+SC into the 6th stitch (or wherever your front
center stitch is) SC into the next 10 stitches, SS into the next stitch (the back center
stitch), chain 30, SS into the same stitch, SC into the last 5 stitches. SS into the first SC
of the row, CH 1
19) SC into the first 5 stitches of the row, SC 3 times into the CH space, SC into the
next 10 stitches, skip the slip stitches, and SC into the last 5 stitches of the row. SS
into the first SC of the row. FO. 

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